About LMC Custom

Hello, and Welcome to our Jewelry Store!

I’m Lisa, along with my sister Mary, and we would like to introduce ourselves and share our Jewelry products with you.

We have always loved playing with beads as young girls and making all sorts of jewelry to wear. Our mom would buy us all the different kinds of beads and charms and books and tools. One day my sister and I discussed, “What if we tried to sell our jewelry?” so we seeked out to learn what it would take for us to be able to make this work. We started of by selling our products local at the little convenient store, just to see if people would like what we made. And we were so surprised and excited when our jewelry actually started to sell, and the feedback we got from the store owner excited us. We wanted to see if we could take our products and get a bigger reach. So we spoke to a family friend and asked their advice, and they suggested an online store.

And that brings us to today! So welcome, and please take a look, we are actively working on the store while working on creating more Creative Beaded Jewelry for you to select from. So please bare with us, and Thank you for visiting our store.

Have a Great Day!

Lisa and Mary

LMC Custom